Sweets for a week

Chris received my (belated) Happy Birthday package yesterday. He said he loved everything in the box: the boxes of Datela, the homemade brownies, the cologne. But that the best things were the card and little post-it notes I stuck all over the stuff. His Mom was there when it arrived and he let her read the card. Though I only sent the box a few days ago, I wrote the card almost two months ago so I couldn’t remember what I said. After I made him read it to me again, I nearly died of embarrassment and said: Wahaha! You let your Mom read that!? *tripleblush*

And yay to DHL for delivering a package all the way from Riyadh to New Jersey in just two days. I’m impressed.


I chanced upon an episode of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF while channel-surfing. My mom and I share a mutual like for Paris Hilton. Okay, she may be a bit boy-crazy and wild at times, but she’s so cute and nice. My mom has always gone for “that person has a good heart” philosophy in life.

The show, however, is not as cute. Paris must be thinking “They’re paying me for this” every time she has to say some sickeningly cliched lines. It’s so bad that it ended up being incredibly entertaining. The girls who are vying to be Paris’ new BFF are hilarious because they think that it’s such a big deal! 😀 This is why reality shows stole the attention of the masses.


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