Ipanemas vs. Havaianas

As I said in a previous post, we went back to the flip-flop store and left with 4 more pairs of slippers: Havaianas for Sofia, Havaianas for Mom, and two pairs of Ipanemas for me. Here’s the total loot so far:


I’m obviously an Ipanema girl. I have 3 now. Mom tried to convince me to buy at least one pair of Havaianas flip flops but I thought they looked too ordinary and I loved the softness and comfort of the Ipanemas, especially my beige/brown Gisele Bundchen sandals which I could probably pass off as decent footwear at work.

Best quote tonight: While wearing her purple/pink flip flops, Sofia was asked by Dad to walk more slowly because she might trip over her slippers. And she said with disdain: “They’re not slippers, they’re Ipanemas.”

Mom and I nearly died laughing. 😀

3 thoughts on “Ipanemas vs. Havaianas

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