Project Discworld: The First Progress Report

I love the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. It’s amazing how a flat world sitting on the backs of four colossal elephants standing on a meteor-pocked planet-sized turtle named The Great A’Tuin can hold so many people in thrall. I’ve been reading it sporadically since I was a teen but it was only recently when I, along with Trish and Alet, decided to read the whole set. All the books spanning 25 years of writing. (And it’s still growing, folks!)

This is a list of what I have read so far:

Yes The Colour of Magic
Yes The Light Fantastic
Partial Equal Rites
Yes Mort
Partial Sourcery
Yes Wyrd Sisters
No Pyramids
No Guards! Guards!
No Eric
Yes Moving Pictures
Yes Reaper Man
Yes Witches Abroad
No Small Gods
Yes Lords and Ladies
No Men at Arms
Yes Soul Music
No Interesting Times
Yes Maskerade
No Feet of Clay
Partial Hogfather
No Jingo
No The Last Continent
Yes Carpe Jugulum
No The Fifth Elephant
No The Truth
No Thief of Time
Partial The Last Hero
No The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Yes Night Watch
Yes The Wee Free Men
Yes Monstrous Regiment
Yes A Hat Full of Sky
Yes Going Postal
Yes Thud!
Yes Wintersmith
Yes Making Money
Yes Unseen Academicals
Yes I Shall Wear Midnight
21  Read books
13  Not yet read
4  Half-way

I don’t read the books in chronological order. I read them according to the characters that I want to read about at the moment. Pratchett once said that Discworld doesn’t have a map because you can’t map a sense of humor. I believe that Discworld doesn’t have a set timeline. One can jump forward, backward, stop in the middle of one, go read another, and return to others halfway and it would still make sense.

I cannot really choose a favorite because all the major characters are lovable in their own right; even the evil, lying scums who would sell you souvenirs and a sausage made of dubious parts the pig didn’t know it had. The witches, wizards, trolls, dwarves, DEATH, and dictators are strangely based on reality; just think about the people around you and you’ll understand. Pratchett successfully put into words the collective random thoughts we have whenever something ridiculous comes up. Some books instantly hit you hard with awesomeness while others only get better after two or three readings.

I planned to make a brief commentary about each book I’ve read but I only have the same thing to say for each: OMG, it’s hilarious! READ IT READ IT READ IT before your hair falls out!!!

People may get weirded out when you burst out laughing in a coffee shop while sitting alone with your Kindle, but at least you’re having more fun than that other chick who’s deep into the philosophy of White Bikini Panties.


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