Project Discworld: Second Progress Report

Six weeks ago, I posted the status of my goal to read all 38 (so far) of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. I’ve made good progress since then.

The City Watch from Men at Arms. From L: Nobby, Carrot, Vimes, Colon

Yes The Colour of Magic
Yes The Light Fantastic
Partial Equal Rites
Yes Mort
Partial Sourcery
Yes Wyrd Sisters
No Pyramids
Yes Guards! Guards!
No Eric
Yes Moving Pictures
Yes Reaper Man
Yes Witches Abroad
No Small Gods
Yes Lords and Ladies
Yes Men at Arms
Yes Soul Music
Partial Interesting Times
Yes Maskerade
Yes Feet of Clay
Yes Hogfather
No Jingo
No The Last Continent
Yes Carpe Jugulum
Yes The Fifth Elephant
Partial The Truth
Yes Thief of Time
Partial The Last Hero
No The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Yes Night Watch
Yes The Wee Free Men
Yes Monstrous Regiment
Yes A Hat Full of Sky
Yes Going Postal
Yes Thud!
Yes Wintersmith
Yes Making Money
Yes Unseen Academicals
Yes I Shall Wear Midnight
27 Read books
6 Not yet read
5 Half-way

Right now, I’m in the middle of Interesting Times. After this, I’m going to finish The Truth.

My reading order is sporadic. I used to buy any Discworld books I could lay my hands on. And it’s quite difficult to find a new one here in Riyadh. After C gave me my Kindle, I downloaded the whole set and went through all the books that had Tiffany Aching, then all of those that featured the Witches (Esme Weatherwax is my hero), sped through all the books about the Watch and, after The Truth, I’m moving to the Rincewind/Wizards books that I haven’t read yet.

I’m almost done! 🙂


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