W7 In The Nude: A sort of review

I took my W7 In The Nude with me to Wildwood on girl’s weekend. I did mine and the makeup of a couple of friends and we all *loved* it. Robin turned 52 so I got her the W7 In The Buff Lightly Toasted and a set of brushes. I’m loving how the rosy nudes and browns blended with my Southeast Asian skin. I used the same palette on my friend Tracy, a pale-skinned and blonde Irish, and it looked great on her, too!


Pigmentation was good, definitely a lot better than the Shany palette that I had at home. I also loved the mix of mattes and shimmers, although I’m predisposed towards the latter.

I’m seriously considering getting W7’s Color Me Buff (a supposed copy of the Urban Decay’s original  Naked). We’ll see. Here’s a link to W7’s whole set.

Speaking of brushes, I swear by EcoTools. They’re inexpensive but the quality is awesome. I’ve been using them for years and have never experienced loose bristles and I’ve always been satisfied with them.


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