W7 In The Nude: A sort of review

I took my W7 In The Nude with me to Wildwood on girl’s weekend. I did mine and the makeup of a couple of friends and we all *loved* it. Robin turned 52 so I got her the W7 In The Buff Lightly Toasted and a set of brushes. I’m loving how the rosy nudes and browns blended with my Southeast Asian skin. I used the same palette on my friend Tracy, a pale-skinned and blonde Irish, and it looked great on her, too!


Pigmentation was good, definitely a lot better than the Shany palette that I had at home. I also loved the mix of mattes and shimmers, although I’m predisposed towards the latter.

I’m seriously considering getting W7’s Color Me Buff (a supposed copy of the Urban Decay’s original  Naked). We’ll see. Here’s a link to W7’s whole set.

Speaking of brushes, I swear by EcoTools. They’re inexpensive but the quality is awesome. I’ve been using them for years and have never experienced loose bristles and I’ve always been satisfied with them.


The Asian Conondrum

On Halloween, I always revert to Google or YouTube for costume makeup tutorials. I’ve been quiet successful so far. Chris and I during Halloween 2014:

chris steffi

I like his more than mine.

But for actual, everyday, non-Halloween use, YouTube is no help. Every single tutorial that I see are based on Caucasian or African American eyes — eyes that have a lot of fabulous real estate when it comes to applying color. I don’t have a monolid but I still do not have a fantabulous  area to show off a lovely blend of colors pre-crease. I tried and tried and ended up looking like I used one color and not four. I also noticed that a lot of eye makeup styles are geared towards making a woman’s eyes look longer, more slanted. I don’t need that, I already have that! It made me fear eyeliner and for years, I believed that I can never wear eyeliner below my eyes because I’d end up making it look “too small.”

So, I decided to throw everything I “learned” away and start over. 

Bun Bun Makeup Tips has an awesome post about the variety of Asian eyes. I was so relieved to finally find one that acknowledged the different shapes and types and why other racial makeup tutorials would not work.

I have wide, almond eyes with a double eyelid and a parallel crease. The right eye is more hooded than the left so when my eyes are open, you barely see the lower lid. The left has a visible two millimeters or so. Not only do I have the type of eyes that are barely seen in tutorial blogs or vlogs,  they’re asymmetrical as well.

There are so many looks that I’d like to try. But last night, I decided to try one that went against all my previous rules.

The New Contour

For so long, I thought crease and contour were the same; the area where the eye meets the eye socket. A lot of tutorials say that one must apply some shade to the crease… A crease that becomes instantly invisible as soon as I open my eyes.This time, I didn’t think about which is which. Instead of thinking of areas, I thought in layers: blending one color over another like a monochrome nude ombré from my lash towards my brow.

Defeating the Eyeliner Scare

I blended a thin line of dark eyeliner on my top lash line as usual. But this time, I went ahead and did the same thing below my eyes, blending it lightly to create a subtle smoky effect.

… And Eye Loved it!

I was so happy that I did a small dance and scared the chihuahuas. It’s my first effort for this look so I decided to celebrate and take a pic. The makeup is not heavy so the shades are not that visible and I only did a light contouring on my face but I’m still proud of myself so who gives a shit at this point?


Photo is unfiltered but I used a front facing cellphone camera. And yes, that is white hair. A product of genetics and my advanced age of 32. 😉

Next chore: hair coloring. *sigh*


No, this is not about nudity.

Any female who is at least slightly familiar with makeup knows about Urban Decay’s Naked eye shadow palettes. I’m not exactly an expert and very rarely wear makeup so I’m not as finicky as most. I have one large multi-color palette and one smaller 4-block with gold and brown shades that I use when I travel. I quickly realized that due to my skin tone, neutrals, gold and brown tones look so much better on me. I ended up using the smaller palette more frequently and barely touched the large one. I believe the last time I used it was Halloween. 😀


While I was in Vegas, my friends and I went to Sephora to test drive some brands. I spent at least 15 minutes testing out the original Naked palette (pictured above). I loved the colors and the creamy texture. It’s definitely something that I can picture using often since they don’t have that garish extra-in-a-Kesha-music-video look. However, I found the price quite prohibitive. I couldn’t imagine spending $54 on one strip of eye shadow. So I left the lovely palette behind and forgot all about it for a while.

Speaking of testing makeup, my high school best friend Tintin swears by it. In our early twenties, she used to go to The Body Shop all the time and use all the samples she liked from body butter to every single eye shadow color. I used to feel embarrassed but Tin sensibly explained that one is supposed to and is expected to do it since the salespersons want you to buy a product that you’d like. Aside from Tin, my 11 year old sister Sofi loves it, too! Even as a small child, she loved spending time in the makeup department of our local department store as the salesgirls were only too happy to help out the cute little girl.


Anyway, back to Urban Decay. Out of all the Naked palettes, I liked Naked3 the most since pinkish hues suit me the best. While browsing Amazon for stuff that would make me look decent for the upcoming girl’s weekend at Wildwood, I found this:

Naked 3 Dupe 3 Edit


W7’s In The Nude looks like Naked3’s identical twin! And for $9.07, it’s also much cheaper. I instantly ordered it and, since I’m a Prime member, I should have it by Wednesday. I can’t wait!

I’m not expecting it to have the same high-end quality as Urban Decay’s iconic product but I’m not above using copycats as long as it has good pigmentation and isn’t cakey. W7 also has other palettes that are based on the Naked product lines.

  • Naked = In The Buff Lightly Toasted
  • Naked2 = In The Buff
  • Naked3 = In The Nude
  • Naked Smoky = In The Night

For a more thorough comparison, see Beauty in the Bunny’s review.



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