I’m With Her

Today, a woman has done something remarkable. Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive Democratic nominee. Not only will she the first woman President, she is the right woman for the job.

She is not glamorous, nor is she charismatic. She’s been around forever so the excitement of having someone new, someone who has new promises to believe in, is not there. We know everything about her — every flaw and history — that there is no longer anything left for her opponents to hit her with. She is where she is through sheer hard work, qualifications, experience, intelligence, patience, and political ability. She doesn’t have empty promises, she has realistic platforms.


Aside from the usual complaints about Benghazi, the email issue, and her connections with Wall Street, she has also been criticized for her appearance. Her weight, her clothes, her voice, facial expressions and her style have all been poked at and made fun of.  It’s funny how no one says the same things about the male candidates.

I admire this woman for many reasons. She may not be flashy but she is who we need.

And she’s totally rocking that white coat. 😉

Congratulations, Hillary.



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