I’m With Her

Today, a woman has done something remarkable. Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive Democratic nominee. Not only will she the first woman President, she is the right woman for the job.

She is not glamorous, nor is she charismatic. She’s been around forever so the excitement of having someone new, someone who has new promises to believe in, is not there. We know everything about her — every flaw and history — that there is no longer anything left for her opponents to hit her with. She is where she is through sheer hard work, qualifications, experience, intelligence, patience, and political ability. She doesn’t have empty promises, she has realistic platforms.


Aside from the usual complaints about Benghazi, the email issue, and her connections with Wall Street, she has also been criticized for her appearance. Her weight, her clothes, her voice, facial expressions and her style have all been poked at and made fun of.  It’s funny how no one says the same things about the male candidates.

I admire this woman for many reasons. She may not be flashy but she is who we need.

And she’s totally rocking that white coat. 😉

Congratulations, Hillary.



Hunting Season

Am I the only who wants the election season to end? The Philippine elections were ugly and controversial enough. The sheer stupidity of my countrymen (i.e. Duterte) and their tendency to forget and whitewash recent history (i.e. the Marcoses) is a disgrace. Out of respect for my mother, I’ve been more moderate in Facebook but, fortunately, I can unleash my anger here. Luckily, that season is over.

Congrats to Robredo for winning the VP race! #LabanLeni


There’s another stressor: the upcoming US Presidential elections. I’ve been in the US for almost half a decade and I’ve been more than happy with what the Obama administration has achieved in spite of the Congress’ efforts to block everything he tried to implement.



This morning, the cashier in Wawa was loudly bashing Hillary Clinton and saying that she’s “no woman.” I quietly listened to all her complaints to several customers. When it was my turn, I gave her a nice smile and said “We’re voting for her.” That shut her up.

(I can’t but Chris can. So I donated instead.)

It’s not a secret that Chris and I support Hillary. We’ve made the decision based on who she is, what her accomplishments were and what her policies and plans for the US are. This woman have been through so much and yet she perseveres and fights. We’ve contributed, we’ve bought woman cards (lol), we’ve casually campaigned and we’ve challenged people who tried to put us down because of our loyalties. Below are some of my personal experiences and reactions:

Them: Are you f*n stupid? Bernie is the messiah. #BernieOrBust

Me: Dude, we never said anything about your decision to support your candidate and your questionable fashion sense. It’s nice if you like your guy and it’s okay for me to like someone else.


Them: You can’t say that Bernie is too old to be the POTUS. You’re ageist!

Me: Nope. But I’d loooove to be his VP. Easiest way to the White House. *wink*wink* 


Them: *froths at mouth* Bernie will give us everything for free and Hillary is a murderer!

Me: Nothing is for free, someone always ends up paying for it. And if she’s a murderer then I’m the Queen of England.


Bernie Bros : *says a bunch of misogynistic and sexist stuff*

Me: Please, my friends, don’t take it so hard. It’s not a dick.

Surprisingly, the Trump supporters in my friends list are pretty polite. Not that I like Trump. I absolutely abhor Trump. I like his daughter, though.

One thing is true, this year’s election season is going to be YUGE! More YUGE than the Mexican Wall. More YUGE than the taco bowl in Trump Tower. Even more YUGE than my 24oz coffee mug.

*raises caffeine cup*

Here’s to Hillary, her brilliance, her loyalty, her strength and her continuous support for women everywhere.  #ImWithHer



For the past weeks, I’ve survived on junk food, carbohydrates, and deep-fried everything. My arteries are cracking from all the saturated fat and my ticker could end up being worse than my left temporal lobe if I keep this up.

It also has strange effects: I started arguing with my father over the US Presidential candidates when I’m normally apathetic about the whole thing.

Me: (holds up a newspaper) Barack Obama looks so cute here. *squints*
Dad: *snorts* He’s going to lose to Hillary.
Me: You only like Hillary because she’s a girl. 😛

And that summarizes my political loyalties.

My mother says that raising Sofia reminds her so much of me. I was nearly insulted. There is no way that I could be as diabolical and wicked as this two-year-old baby when I was younger. Poor Jiko… between me and Sofi, he doesn’t stand a chance. It’s funny that in this family, the nicest child just happens to be the unico hijo and the girls are born evil.

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