I’m trying this new juicing diet. I said “try” because I tried to do the 10-day green smoothie diet last year and only lasted four days. I suppose it’s still better than my co-worker, Jackie, who only lasted two days.

I need to have a decent bod by June. Summer is coming.

Here’s to not eating for a while.



Hunting Season

Am I the only who wants the election season to end? The Philippine elections were ugly and controversial enough. The sheer stupidity of my countrymen (i.e. Duterte) and their tendency to forget and whitewash recent history (i.e. the Marcoses) is a disgrace. Out of respect for my mother, I’ve been more moderate in Facebook but, fortunately, I can unleash my anger here. Luckily, that season is over.

Congrats to Robredo for winning the VP race! #LabanLeni


There’s another stressor: the upcoming US Presidential elections. I’ve been in the US for almost half a decade and I’ve been more than happy with what the Obama administration has achieved in spite of the Congress’ efforts to block everything he tried to implement.



This morning, the cashier in Wawa was loudly bashing Hillary Clinton and saying that she’s “no woman.” I quietly listened to all her complaints to several customers. When it was my turn, I gave her a nice smile and said “We’re voting for her.” That shut her up.

(I can’t but Chris can. So I donated instead.)

It’s not a secret that Chris and I support Hillary. We’ve made the decision based on who she is, what her accomplishments were and what her policies and plans for the US are. This woman have been through so much and yet she perseveres and fights. We’ve contributed, we’ve bought woman cards (lol), we’ve casually campaigned and we’ve challenged people who tried to put us down because of our loyalties. Below are some of my personal experiences and reactions:

Them: Are you f*n stupid? Bernie is the messiah. #BernieOrBust

Me: Dude, we never said anything about your decision to support your candidate and your questionable fashion sense. It’s nice if you like your guy and it’s okay for me to like someone else.


Them: You can’t say that Bernie is too old to be the POTUS. You’re ageist!

Me: Nope. But I’d loooove to be his VP. Easiest way to the White House. *wink*wink* 


Them: *froths at mouth* Bernie will give us everything for free and Hillary is a murderer!

Me: Nothing is for free, someone always ends up paying for it. And if she’s a murderer then I’m the Queen of England.


Bernie Bros : *says a bunch of misogynistic and sexist stuff*

Me: Please, my friends, don’t take it so hard. It’s not a dick.

Surprisingly, the Trump supporters in my friends list are pretty polite. Not that I like Trump. I absolutely abhor Trump. I like his daughter, though.

One thing is true, this year’s election season is going to be YUGE! More YUGE than the Mexican Wall. More YUGE than the taco bowl in Trump Tower. Even more YUGE than my 24oz coffee mug.

*raises caffeine cup*

Here’s to Hillary, her brilliance, her loyalty, her strength and her continuous support for women everywhere.  #ImWithHer


New Words

In the past few months, my friends and I either adopted or made up terms for certain people.

Gerber Babies = Any guy or girl under 21.
e.g. “Ew. See that Gerber Baby staring at Erica’s chest? How mortifying.”

Preschooler = Guys or girls aged 21 to 24.
e.g. *points at a gaggle of middle aged women* “There is no way those preschoolers are hanging out with them because they think they’re interesting. They were probably hired by their husbands to spy on them.”

Gradeschooler = Guys or girls aged 25 to 29.
e.g. “Remember the annoying gradeschooler who was following me around? I told him to find a table so we can talk in private.” *snortfle* “Quick, let’s leave while he’s not looking!”
“I partied with a whole bridal party. They were all gradeschoolers and brought a cooler to the beach.”

Charles = Someone who constantly offers to pay for everything. Possibly out of the goodness of their hearts or simply in exchange for friendship/company. Named after an overly generous person who pays for gas, food stops, hotel rooms and tickets during road trips.
e.g. “I’ve spent way too much money tonight. We need a Charles in our lives!”

Superuser = A freeloader extraordinaire. Usually has a Charles in their lives.
e.g. “That superuser expects us to pay for his way the whole weekend again.”

Jeronimo = An awesome bartender that would give you all the specials and pour double or triple shots for the price of one.
e.g. “I got this hardcore margarita from Jeronimo over there.”

Mice = Nice.


(List might be revised and added to later.)


Atlantic City. The crumbling mecca of gambling. Home of the summery Boardwalk that reminds me of the ’50s while I munch on extremely unhealthy but oh-so-good funnel cakes and saltwater taffy. I tried gambling during the first few visits. I was not very successful so I abandoned that activity.


The security guys told me that all the hotel windows in casinos were sealed shut to prevent people who just lost a fortune in one night from committing suicide.

These days I come for two things only: reunions and parties.


We see our gamer friends who we met while playing MW every few years and they all come to AC from different states. The next visit will be in June and I can’t wait to see Ken, Di, Rob, Warren, Jay, Jim and Cindy again. Here’s to never-empty tumblers of joy!


I absoluf*cknlutely LOVE partying in AC. So far, I’ve only gone to one where I was disappointed but every other place were great. When hubby is not in the mood, I go with my girl friends. I love the lights, dancing, music and making friends with funny bartenders who always hook me up with drinks. Just last weekend, my friends and I saw a band I liked and found out that Bally’s completely revamped the Mountain Bar. What used to be a cozy, Western themed 24/7 bar with a few tables became an open floor club complete with a stage, dance floor, a second bar and a beer pong area. It was really nice; just a little less fancy than Singapore’s glorious Ministry of Sound @ Clark Quay, which unfortunately has been closed since 2008.

Of course, something crazy always happens and last weekend was not an exception. 😛 (Loved the drunk Korean girl, my new BFF. At least until she tried to rush the stage and make-out with the lead guitarist). There were a couple of annoying gradeschoolers, pics with the band (barely out of grade school), mason jars of Absolut from Jeronimo, and a friend who got so sloshed that she had to be taken out in a wheelchair. As usual, I was ID’ed 10,000 times. It’s occasionally nice but it gets annoying when the bouncers are obviously younger than me. Apparently, everyone thinks I’m 24. *eyeroll* I really should start wearing make-up but it’s just too inconvenient.


When you think it’s a good idea to wear a red dress with polka dots. (@Boogie Nights)

I hope June would be less crazy. Or maybe not.


We have a November 2015 El Nido beach wedding! The plans are pretty much completed and everything is going smoothly. The complicated family vacation has been arranged, hotels have been booked, plane tickets purchased, and I have wonderful friends who are helping me out.

We’re not even there yet but because I’m close to the end of my organizing fix, I’m looking on to the next big thing: … *drumroll* … Chris’ 40th birthday! Circa March 2016.

He’s not happy that he’s going to be over the hill in a year but I keep on telling him that he still looks 30 and is as cute as ever. I’m looking into venues, caterers, themes, etc. I have a feeling that this will probably end up as a football/beer/wine/burger themed party. *lol* This is going to be a busy (and expensive) year for me.

Boyfriend Jeans

Apparently, this spring’s trends will be boyfriend stuff. Not just boyfriend jeans this time but shirts, shoes, jackets, hats, etc. The whole package.

This means that if I want to look “trendy” without spending extra $$$, I will have to wear Chris’ clothes. And because my husband has a slim build, I’m going to have to be skinnier to achieve the proper look. I don’t subscribe to trends but it’s a good incentive to diet.

As if my impending (second) wedding and that dratted wedding dress were not incentive enough.

DA Fangirl Moment

kill red templars




I need another T-shirt just for this.

The Perfect Valentine’s Gifts

Chris has been bugging me about what I want for Valentine’s Day. I always said “nothing” until I saw these and fell in love. But because they don’t have the texts that I want, I decided to make my own via Vistaprint.

lp (2)lp (3)

Back says:

and your cullen-wullen?
lots of men under him.
needs a woman over him.
because positions.
~ sera

lp (4)lp (5)

Back says:

hey, solas, you ever do your fade thing
and pretend you can fly?
just flap your arms and zip around in there?
then maybe bang some hot fade ladies?
~ the iron bull

I can’t wait!

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