When you want to grow up but your face won’t let you

When I was 22, I was popping pills to stabilize my hormones, going to the dermatologist regularly and religiously following everything he said. Since I was in my 20s, I was simply waiting for the day when acne would decide to leave me and move on to greener and younger pastures — like the face of that annoying 14 year old who called me “old.”

Fast forward 10 years and I’m still waiting. I tried weaning out of it when I was 29, sure that I was old enough to stop worrying about the same skin problems as my co-worker’s 12 year old daughter. Almost two years later, I gave up the struggle and found a dermatologist in my new home. I’m now back to the same vicious cycle, buying Neuac and tretinoin in RiteAid while sticking to Cetaphil since anything else is “too harsh.”


Everyone also says that I look so young for my age and I still get consistently carded everywhere. People think I just got out of college a couple of years ago for Christ’s sakes! Now I don’t mind that. But can I look young without having to deal with this shit? I truly envy people who have nice skin because they were born with it, not because they spend $$$ to see a skin doctor every three months.



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