New Words

In the past few months, my friends and I either adopted or made up terms for certain people.

Gerber Babies = Any guy or girl under 21.
e.g. “Ew. See that Gerber Baby staring at Erica’s chest? How mortifying.”

Preschooler = Guys or girls aged 21 to 24.
e.g. *points at a gaggle of middle aged women* “There is no way those preschoolers are hanging out with them because they think they’re interesting. They were probably hired by their husbands to spy on them.”

Gradeschooler = Guys or girls aged 25 to 29.
e.g. “Remember the annoying gradeschooler who was following me around? I told him to find a table so we can talk in private.” *snortfle* “Quick, let’s leave while he’s not looking!”
“I partied with a whole bridal party. They were all gradeschoolers and brought a cooler to the beach.”

Charles = Someone who constantly offers to pay for everything. Possibly out of the goodness of their hearts or simply in exchange for friendship/company. Named after an overly generous person who pays for gas, food stops, hotel rooms and tickets during road trips.
e.g. “I’ve spent way too much money tonight. We need a Charles in our lives!”

Superuser = A freeloader extraordinaire. Usually has a Charles in their lives.
e.g. “That superuser expects us to pay for his way the whole weekend again.”

Jeronimo = An awesome bartender that would give you all the specials and pour double or triple shots for the price of one.
e.g. “I got this hardcore margarita from Jeronimo over there.”

Mice = Nice.


(List might be revised and added to later.)


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