Atlantic City. The crumbling mecca of gambling. Home of the summery Boardwalk that reminds me of the ’50s while I munch on extremely unhealthy but oh-so-good funnel cakes and saltwater taffy. I tried gambling during the first few visits. I was not very successful so I abandoned that activity.


The security guys told me that all the hotel windows in casinos were sealed shut to prevent people who just lost a fortune in one night from committing suicide.

These days I come for two things only: reunions and parties.


We see our gamer friends who we met while playing MW every few years and they all come to AC from different states. The next visit will be in June and I can’t wait to see Ken, Di, Rob, Warren, Jay, Jim and Cindy again. Here’s to never-empty tumblers of joy!


I absoluf*cknlutely LOVE partying in AC. So far, I’ve only gone to one where I was disappointed but every other place were great. When hubby is not in the mood, I go with my girl friends. I love the lights, dancing, music and making friends with funny bartenders who always hook me up with drinks. Just last weekend, my friends and I saw a band I liked and found out that Bally’s completely revamped the Mountain Bar. What used to be a cozy, Western themed 24/7 bar with a few tables became an open floor club complete with a stage, dance floor, a second bar and a beer pong area. It was really nice; just a little less fancy than Singapore’s glorious Ministry of Sound @ Clark Quay, which unfortunately has been closed since 2008.

Of course, something crazy always happens and last weekend was not an exception. 😛 (Loved the drunk Korean girl, my new BFF. At least until she tried to rush the stage and make-out with the lead guitarist). There were a couple of annoying gradeschoolers, pics with the band (barely out of grade school), mason jars of Absolut from Jeronimo, and a friend who got so sloshed that she had to be taken out in a wheelchair. As usual, I was ID’ed 10,000 times. It’s occasionally nice but it gets annoying when the bouncers are obviously younger than me. Apparently, everyone thinks I’m 24. *eyeroll* I really should start wearing make-up but it’s just too inconvenient.


When you think it’s a good idea to wear a red dress with polka dots. (@Boogie Nights)

I hope June would be less crazy. Or maybe not.

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