The day the New England Patriots did their job


It’s official, my husband married a woman who talks about football more than him. One who wouldn’t even step into a cinema unless it’s for a well-made action film. (Gone Girl was a special exception.) One who outplays him in the best video game of the year. (Or best video game ever.) In short, Chris does not have to worry about me complaining about his “guy stuff.” Which is a misnomer since a lot of women are like me.

The only flaw, as far as he is concerned, is that I don’t root for the Philadelphia Eagles. (Denver Broncos forever! 😀 )

Speaking of American football, last night was a triumph for me. Although I’m a Broncos fan, the New England Patriots have always had a special place in my heart. I believe that Tom Brady is an upstanding and very good player, definitely one of the best quarterbacks that ever played. (The girly-girl in me has also been in love with Gisele Bundchen for a dozen years now.) But the QB can’t win the game by himself. He is surrounded by an equally talented team and supported by a brilliant coach. The whole deflategate controversy is a fantasy overblown by the media. Of course, uneducated people who believe everything from Fox News ate it all up and jumped into that bandwagon. Fortunately, I believe in science.

Last night’s win was well-deserved. A lot said that the Pats only won because the Seahawks made a really bad call to pass the ball when they were right at the goal line. Would they have won if they gave it to Marshawn Lynch and let him run it? Maybe. But what people like to forget is that that pass was only a bad call because of a brilliant interception by Malcolm Butler. Admit it, that was a killer play. Without Butler, without the Patriots, the Seahawks would have won. But talented cornerbacks are there for a reason. Tom Brady is definitely a great QB, but Malcolm Butler did his job and won the Superbowl for his team.


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