Celene vs. Gaspard


The other night, Chris did the “Wicked Hearts, Wicked Minds” quest. It’s not the hardest but it can be annoying because the Winter Palace has endless rooms that look alike! It’s like the fancier, gold-plated, shiner version of Redcliffe Castle when you do “In Hushed Whispers.” (That stupid quest gave me a headache). I’m not the most patient person and I saw that if Chris doesn’t get help, he’d spend five hours on this quest alone. So I walked him through the whole thing: room after room after room.

“Sonar now! The ring is right there.”
“Up the balcony. Halla statue on the corner. NO! The other corner.”
“Pass the door. No not pass by, pass through.”
“Ask Cullen why he has so many admirers.”
“Better arm yourself up ASAP because you’ll be fighting a rift in three seconds.”
“Up the stairs, left, right, left, left, doorway, left. Okay, kill everyone.”

I supported his idea to kill Empress Celene and make Gaspard the Emperor. Why? Because Celene is a bitch. Yes, The Game is complicated but I don’t like the way she walks, talks, and pretends. (“Your arrival at court is like a cool wind on a summer´s day” my ass). Gaspard may be a complete SOB but at least he can fight. I chose Gaspard during my first playthrough. At the end of the quest, Chris couldn’t believe how much I remembered but I reminded him that I did this four times.

In my playthrough with Miss Sixpence, I let Celene live and regretted it bitterly. I’m seriously considering going back to a previous save and changing her decision. I’m not in a hurry to finish the game, I’ve already proven that one can beat Dragon Age: Inquisition in about 25 hours. (Note that I said “beat,” not enjoy). So Miss Sixpence can take her time and wine and dine in the Winter Palace again.


My half-Asian Inquisitor tried to get back together with Solas. (See painful history here). But he kept on shutting her down, saying that they have more important things to do, i.e. Corypheus. He flat out refused to talk about their status. I don’t think I can play this character again. I’ll probably just keep the profile to rewatch the breakup cutscenes when I feel like torturing myself.

I need more tissues.

Since Miss Sixpence, my main playthrough, is in a relationship with Cullen, I feel weird whenever I see Solas. Especially when she has to pass through his office to go to Cullen’s. She and Cullen just recently progressed into being “serious” after she confronted him about his intentions. But every time I have to make her talk to Solas, there’s this feeling that they are supposed to be together in a different dimension. So to make myself feel better, I give him the best weapons and armor I could find or craft and take him along all the time.

I feel like I’m giving the wrong impression here. The Cullen arc is amazing. I did it on my second playthrough and I’m very happy with it because BioWare did a really good job with his character. Which is why I chose Cullen again for Miss Sixpence.

It’s just that Solas is, well… Solas. I like both equally for different reasons.

Gah! I am way too invested in this. I can’t help it. The Solas character is such an integral part of the mindf*ck that is also called Dragon Age: Inquisition.


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