What to Wear

Ten years ago, I would stand in front of the mirror and decide what to wear the next day every single night. Don’t get me wrong, I was NOT fashionable. I didn’t have a lot of money — I spent most of my college allowance on books (duh!), food (double duh!) and, again, food. My clothes and shoes consisted mainly of basic items and the only relatively pricey and brand name items I had were the ones given to me by my parents. I also had major body dysmorphic disorder. I felt fat and extremely unattractive and this affected my self-confidence and poise.

So whenever I stood in front of the dormitory mirror every night, it wasn’t because I was a vain, teenage SOB. I was just thinking of a way to not look too pathetic the next day.

Ten years later, THANK GOD that I’m cured of that. I was not skinny as I was in college. (WHY did I ever think that I was FAT?!) But I don’t feel unattractive anymore. I don’t feel self-conscious. I’ve also realized a few years ago that trendy does not mean fashionable. Fashionable is wearing what suits you. And even if that darling dress looks wondermous on a size zero, six-foot tall model, it doesn’t mean that it would look just as fantabulous on your size 4 or 6, 5’4″ body.

Know your body. (Even if you feel fat.) Wear what suits you.

Now… what should I wear tomorrow?


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