Face your fears.

Everyone says that. In this day and age of arrogant millennials, escapism is the lowest of the low because it supposedly shows that you do not have the strength of character to, well, face your fears. *sniggers* Why do I find this so funny? I don’t fear anything at the moment, although I do have a few frustrations multiplying in the backyard.

I did not just try to “face” my frustrations. I aggressively did everything I could until the only thing I could do now are:

Frustration #1: Accept. Everyone knows that it’s very easy to blame someone who is absent. Realize that opinions of most people really do not matter.

Frustration #2: Wait. I have a deadline, probably the most important deadline of the year. I really need something approved because everything is hanging on that particular approval. I did what I needed to do but now the only thing I can do is be patient.

Frustration #3: Act. Ten or fifteen pounds do not disappear by magic or by wishing it away.

So while I’m peacefully accepting the way of the world, waiting with admirable patience, and virtuously avoiding snacking, what am I supposed to do? I can do my sketches and practice painting. Or I can play Heroes of Might & Magic VI.

But… I do have a charcoal portrait due on Wednesday. My fledgling career as an artist (naks!) is more important than satiating my gaming desires. Maybe later, Heroes.


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