The Oaf Talks About Christmas

I was told off for not even talking about Christmas. So… where will I start?

  • Accidental Ateneo tree: cute white tree, blue and silver balls, multi-colored lights and a pile of prettily wrapped-and-ribboned boxes underneath.
  • Three-course Noche Buena dinner for two.
  • Great gifts. I waxed poetic about my husband’s gift in previous posts. As for me, I got a lot of painting equipment and supplies. Yay!
  • *cough* Visa/Amex gift cards are a girl’s best friends.
  • Gag gifts. Hmm. I thought my PMS kit (vodka, pads, menstrual pills, and chocolate) was the bomb but Chris and I literally got a shitty deal — toilet paper, air freshener, and a box of used enema.
  • And, last but not the least, this pic:

Chris holding the tiny Swiss Army knife buried inside the big box.

Belated Merry Christmas, peeplets, and a have a wondermous New Year!


p.s. Please make your resolutions realistic this time. Just like mine: have a bodacious bikini bod by June.


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