Someone has a new cellphone!

Of course. I should have expected this. My geeky husband (aka honeybear) chose a cell phone as a Christmas present.

I don’t blame him. For some strange reason, his brain shut off for five minutes two years ago and he bought a Huawei Ascend M860 when he changed carriers. That phone is the bane of our existence! It’s not even my phone and I dream about exorcising the beast out of it. Look, if you’re thinking of getting this phone, don’t even bother. The call quality is horrid, the touchscreen response is delayed, the battery dies after 8 hours of standby and it is excruciatingly slow. Even slower than Internet Explorer! I don’t give a crap if the tortoise beat the hare in a race. Slow and steady is NOT an asset for gadgets.

Luckily, Metro PCS has the LG Connect 4G on sale. For Cyber Monday, they dropped the price from $349 to $149. *WHEE!* It is everything that the Huawei is not. The touchscreen is crystal clear, smooth, firm and responds easily to the lightest touch. It has a dual processor with 1GB RAM so that takes care of speed.

Most people say that you just pay for the brand when buying things. With tech stuff, I believe in paying for quality. My Sony VAIO is one of the most mf’ing expensive laptops today and, after three years, it’s still as good as new. I’ve had zero problems with this computer when most commercial laptops feel jerky before their 2nd birthday. The fact that it’s purple, sleek and pretty is just a bonus.

We just lucked out with the LG. 🙂


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