On being less gauche + the classic gift dilemma

I turned 29 a few weeks ago and I still feel like I’m 22. It helps that I look more like I’m 22 than nearing 29. And this is not vanity because I still get carded a lot! Hell, I nearly didn’t get into a club last Halloween because someone didn’t think my ID was real and I had to argue with a bouncer who looked like he just turned 21 a week before. *fumes*

But, unlike other women, I’m not freaking out about the big three-oh. I’ve always thought of 30-something women as more beautiful than women in their 20’s. They’re more mature, classier, more knowing, more confident, and less gauche.

Strangely, I felt OLD when I turned 23 six years ago. I know, right?


I hate buying gifts for Chris. He doesn’t seem to want anything. Notice that I said want and not need.

He’s the quintessential boy-next-door, non-metrosexual, will-laugh-at-trendy-stupid-gifts type of guy. He used to be one of those who bought expensive pseudo-classy male accessories and he regrets being such a douche. While he was already past that phase when we met, I saw the evidence in a million boxes filled with his, er, stuff. *sigh* The follies of youth.

We already have the popular tech stuff — tablet, laptop, a souped up desktop and our respective smartphones — and I just got him a new cologne. (Never “perfume.” It’s always “cologne” even if it’s eau de toilette.) He has way too many clothes and a hundred caps. Besides, he sees clothes as a necessity and not gift quality. I got him a nice chrono watch a while back that he forgets to wear 90% of the time. He got a Keurig last year. Bling is not part a of his vocabulary. He has nice moccasins that, again, he barely wears and please don’t even suggest a thick robe. Oh, and he doesn’t play golf.

Most importantly, he already has the holy trinity: a beer man-fridge, a home-brewing kit, and the occasional “I’ll buy you a case of beer” offer from his loving wife.

I even searched through sites that suggested gifts for men. Unfortunately, they’re full of overpriced crap like these:

Just to show that I’m not completely negative, there is one thing in those sites that I fully recommend:

I read this in Barnes & Noble and my ridiculously expensive peppermint Starbucks coffee shot out of my nostril after the first two pages. Considering its timeless entertainment value, $8.50 is nothing.

Now I’ll have to continue by window shopping while sipping my perfectly wonderful (and reasonably priced!) Wawa pumpkin spice freshly brewed coffee.


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