Well, we were lucky. We live in Southwest New Jersey, right across Philadelphia. Being this close to the Delaware river, my husband and I knew that there is a chance that we might have to evacuate if the river overflows and causes flooding. I packed an overnight bag including emergency supplies, some food (human and pet), and a change of clothes and put them all in the trunk of our car. The pet carrier was layered with blankets and sat by the dogs’ pen just in case we had to stuff the chis in and go in 5 seconds. We had candles in every room and gallons of water both in the house and in the car. We were ready in case of power outage or water shortage.

Since I’m from super typhoon country, the Philippines, I was calm throughout the whole preparation. I knew that even if the hurricane caused outages and would necessitate an evacuation, I would not panic and just do what needs to be done.

As expected, the storm hit New Jersey HARD. The shore was decimated, whole towns were flooded and trees fell and landed on houses and cars alike. However, our town — hell, our whole county — was hardly affected. The rain was minimal, the wind was relatively strong but not strong enough to write home about. It was more like a Typhoon signal #1 in Pinas, where even the little kiddies are expected to come to school. Two of our garden obelisks fell and the chrysanthemum bushes were flattened beyond repair, but we were STILL EFFING LUCKY! In spite of our good fortune, I feel so bad for everyone else who were horribly affected by hurricane Sandy.

Coincidentally, three days before Sandy landed in North America, Typhoon Ofel (international name Son-Tinh) passed through the Philippines and Vietnam and wreaked enough havoc to cause damage and a few casualties.

This was not a good week for the world.


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