Last Saturday, a little girl died. She was 12 and she lived in one of the supposedly safest counties in New Jersey. I’ve never met her and I don’t know anything about her apart from what I’ve read in the news. She was a beautiful blonde girl who would’ve been a hottie in a few years — she might have driven her Dad nuts because too many boys would (or attempt to) ask her out. She could have gone to college and started a promising career. She might have become a mother and made a lucky man very happy.

But that life was stolen away from her. At first, I thought it might have been some sick pedophile who was attracted to the pretty girl. It turned out that the suspects were both  minors like her, young boys who thought it was cool to steal bikes and hurt a little girl. Perhaps they did it on purpose, maybe it was an accident. Still, a life was taken away and, minors or not, someone has to take responsibility.

Rest in peace, Autumn.


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