Candy Love

C asked me why I never post on my blog anymore, not even about work or the times I do something important. So I said, “I don’t know. Maybe I had nothing to write about these past few months.” He was a bit hurt since he assumed that my not-having-anything-to-write-about is related to our marriage. (I sort of stopped posting when we said I do.)  Response:

“Silly. I didn’t post because I was busy doing more important things … like feeding you.”

Yes, he’s back to his normal weight. Here’s to my cooking and badgering him to EAT! Whoop!

Besides, I never blog about work; that’s how people get fired in the first place. If I did before, then my bad. I’ve grown older, grayer and hopefully a tad bit wiser.


I’m excited about Halloween. In our culture, we don’t celebrate Halloween. Instead, we celebrate All Saint’s Day every first of November. It’s supposed to be a day of vigil and remembrance of our dear departed relatives. But, since we’re talking about Filipinos here, we make the most of it. People travel from across the islands just to make sure that they can join the family by the graves on time. They would bring the essentials: flowers, candles, rosaries, folding table and chairs, playing cards, lots of food and drinks, preferably beer. I’ve always wondered about this as a child. Now I understand that part of remembering the dead is celebrating the life they lived.

Now Americans don’t do All Saint’s Day. They’re into Halloween, costumes, parties, candies and little kiddles (yes, that was an L) knocking on your door asking for sweets and offering tricks. I don’t have a costume yet but I might scrounge something up for a party. As for the kiddles’ candy, I’ve bagged them in little ziplocs to make sure that all would have an equal share of Milky Ways, Kit Kats, Hersheys, Nerds, and bloody oozing vampire teeth.


And if you’re wondering why there are no Tootsie Rolls even if I bought a ginormous bag of it is because the big kid in my house ate all of it.

Candy OCD. *sigh*


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