The Sister

Sofia moved to Saudi Arabia a few months ago and started school there. She just told me that she’s the first in class this quarter… and then promptly asked for an iPad. Of course, I responded with a resounding NO.


  • One: Seven-year-olds should not have iPads.
  • Two: If we buy expensive gifts every time she’s first in class or gets an A, then we’d be bankrupt in no time. She is that smart.
  • Three: A reward is a reward. It does not have to be expensive. I used to ask for a Nancy Drew for each quarterly exam that I got an A on. And that is what my sister got: a book.
  • Four: Mom has a laptop and Dad has a tablet. She’s allowed to borrow them within reason.
  • Five: All of the above.

Sofia is far from being spoiled — her Mom, Dad, Ate and Kuya are far too sensible for that to happen. She just likes to pretend that she is. 🙂 She also hates my husband, C, for giving her her new nickname: stinky butt. You should hear her squawk when she sees him on Skype.

I obviously love the stinky butt vewi vewi much. ❤


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