The Scale

I went to my first doctor’s appointment last Wednesday. I figured I may as well choose a PCP (primary care physician) so I can be referred to a neurologist now that I have medical benefits through my job. I have an issue with how expensive healthcare is here in the United States but that is a completely different topic for a different post.

Of course, I chose the only female doctor in the same clinic my husband goes to. Call me conservative but I feel more at ease when I’m being groped by another woman during a breast exam. Every minute of a doctor’s visit is uncomfortable, but the most dreaded part is always… *drumroll* …getting weighed.

I seriously avoided the scale for 10 months. I have no desire to know what my weight is because I refuse to be like other women and be trapped according to the numbers on a scale. I figured that I can maintain my weight and figure like a French woman: go by clothes size instead of weight. If your clothes feel a bit tight then it might be a good idea to cut down. The last time I weighed myself was October 2011 and only because my friend, Fatma, asked me to go along with her diet.

Considering that everything here in the US is super-sized, I was afraid that I piled on the pounds. Hell, even the deodorant is oversized! When I first landed, I was looking for a spray deodorant and got frustrated because I couldn’t find any. It turned out that they were right in front of me but I didn’t even notice them because the cans were as big as air fresheners! *headesks* I wasn’t exactly watching what I ate. I decided that alcohol did not have calories and that fried bar food is one of the best things on earth. And going to Wawa to buy the best coffee on the face of the planet sometimes results in my grabbing a coffee roll as well.

And then came the moment of truth. I closed my eyes while Dr. Vermeulen told me what my weight was. Well, it was not what I expected. I didn’t gain weight. Hell, I didn’t even lose weight. I am exactly the same weight as I was 10 months ago down to the pound!  @__@

This only means one thing: IT IS TIME TO MAKE SOME EFFORT TO SLIM DOWN AGAIN. For a female, the journey never ends. It doesn’t matter if your doctor tells you that you have the perfect weight for your height and age. That you have a great BMI. Or that you wear a decent sized dress. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle. 

As for the numbers, I will NOT tell you what my weight is. Pffft.


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