Shamrock Shots

C and I decided to join a pub crawl at the last minute for St. Patrick’s Day. A few days ago, we decided not to participate since C wouldn’t be in any condition to drive afterwards and the assigned buses won’t stop by our house. We were all dressed to go to Walgreen’s with my coupons in my wallet when my mother-in-law passed by with her dog, Chance. She and C started talking about the pub crawl and she offered to pick us up afterwards. That was all the encouragement C needed and he persuaded me to join my very first American pub crawl.

We started at The Alibi, C’s favorite hometown bar — they have the biggest buffalo wings ever! — and bought the tickets. Three buses took people around the bars in town. We had half an hour to drink in each bar before the next bus came.

What I love about St. Patrick’s is the free bar food. The Alibi had a great selection and that’s where I ate my brunch since I didn’t want to drink on an empty stomach. The bartender, Marilyn, gave me my first bright green shamrock shot and a vodka Jell-O. In four different bars, I downed fruity mixed drinks, sweet shots, vodka, and whiskey until I was yelling along with everybody in the bus. I was introduced to the Ass Grabber, Slippery Nipple, Irish Pancake, The Knot and other drinks that were previously unfamiliar to me. I am a leeeetle curious about the Leg Spreader but that would have to wait until my next visit.

One of the bars we visited was formerly called The Clam Digger, which was formerly known as Fiorele’s. It’s the same dive bar where they shot scenes from the Ben Affleck/Liv Tyler film, Jersey Girl. I didn’t like it as much as The Alibi or Wilson’s since it lacked the homey, friendly feeling. IMO, the bartenders’ personalities and PR skills are a huge part of a bar’s appeal.

By the time we arrived at Babe’s, we were drunk as Irish leprechauns and could barely stand. C just drank Yuengling and green pint but he was worse off than I; he was sprawled on the sidewalk when I found him. A girl in a sparkly green cap had to tell us to move a few feet to the left because we were sitting in front of private property and the old lady might call the cops.

We’re both happy drunks but I didn’t appreciate guys hitting on me every time C stepped out for a smoke. Excuse me! I was practically sitting on my husband’s lap the whole time and we were both wearing bright white gold wedding bands. I had to tell one guy to take his hands off me or else I would punch his nose. Drunkards don’t respect the sanctity of marriage anymore! *lol*

We were far too inebriated to finish the whole tour so C called his mom to pick us up. In spite of a gazillion green leis hanging around my neck, I managed to look and act a little sober — I had to because someone has to prop C up and drag him up the steps. I discovered that C turns into a big-ass baby when he’s had too much to drink. I had to force him into the shower, make the bed, tuck him in, and covered his boo-boo with a band-aid after he complained loudly about the scratch on his palm. I collapsed after I cleaned myself up and didn’t budge until the puppy woke me up.

This post would have been peppered with a lot of smiley intoxicated photos but C “misplaced” his cellphone. *rollseyes*

Belated St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you had a good one. šŸ™‚


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