Philly Cheesesteak Wars [Part I]: Pat’s King of Steaks

A month ago, when I had to go to Philly for my biometrics appointment, C and I decided to try out Pat’s and Geno’s for lunch. I wanted an authentic Philly cheesesteak and you can’t get any more authentic than that.

Instead of taking the car, we took the train to Philly and I had to write down the exact SEPTA rail and bus routes that we had to take for my appointment.  After we were done with our errand, we went to find Pat’s and Geno’s. We got a little lost on the way so we had to ask for directions after we finished blaming each other. A few blocks away from Pat’s, one could already smell the heavenly scent of cheesesteaks so we just let our noses lead the way to our destination.

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I expected something fancy, at least a restaurant type. Imagine my surprise when I found out that both Pat’s and Geno’s — both were right across the street of each other — were glorified street food places. There were only a few outdoor seats that reminded me of school cafeterias or a public park’s picnic tables.

It was way past lunchtime so the line was not long. The servers took orders with military precision. One is expected to read the menu above the window quickly so by the time the cashier barked “Next!” I had five seconds to tell him exactly what I wanted before he moved on to the next person. The guy was a little scary and reminded me of the Soup Nazi.

I had a huge beef steak with mushrooms, fried onions and American cheese while C had a classic cheesesteak. There was a long self-service counter with condiment dispensers plus a tubful of roasted peppers, which I thought were interesting so I took a couple.

The verdict?

I have never eaten a cheesesteak so fast in my entire life. The thinly-sliced rib eye steaks were excellent, even the bread was especially good. I think the sandwich was big enough for two average-sized persons but I nommed the whole thing down with no intention of sharing. For 10 dollars each, including soda, it was a very good meal for the price.

I would have tried Geno’s as well if I only had enough space left in my tummy but I wisely opted to have the Geno’s experience the next time we visit Philly. 🙂


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