A Much-Dreaded Vet Visit

Basti had his first vet visit today. Well, technically second since the first was when he had hypoglycemia and was rushed to an emergency animal hospital. But he was catatonic and half-dead then and wasn’t lucid enough to know what was going on. This time, he was definitely awake.

Poor dog was shaking the whole time while he was in the car. And like all other pets, he seemed to sense that he was going to the vet. In dogs’ minds, “vet = shots” and Basti looked miserable the whole trip and while we were in the waiting room.

He is officially 8 months, 3 pounds and cries like a pussy when he gets his shots just like his dad, Spike. Too bad he didn’t take after his mom, Sierra, who growls at dogs 1,000x bigger than her and takes shots like a boss. Two ginormous Siberian Huskies were in the waiting room just before they left and they both looked like they could swallow Basti in one bite. Luckily, the big dogs were quite nice and Basti didn’t cower. (Say bye bye, Basti!) Chris told me that Sierra once got nasty with two Great Danes —  as if she could scare those miniature ponies away. 😛

He did get one thing from Sierra: double rows of teeth. It looked effing scary. According to the vet, they would have to be pulled out to prevent rotting. In three weeks, Basti is getting his nuts clipped and they could fix the teeth situation while the pup is still under anesthesia.

Note: Neutering a pet can be expensive. You can get discounted prices through Friends of Animals, which will also give you information on participating centers. 

Here’s an updated picture of the parents.

The vet even gave me a tip for humans. He advised grinding up veggies and mixing them in foods (e.g., broccoli in meatballs) to increase Chris’ vegetable intake. Haha.


As previously mentioned, we spent the weekend in Atlantic City with some of our MW friends. I thoroughly enjoyed 20-cent slots. And NEVER play roulette while drunk. That is all.

From L: Moi, Chris, Jim, Cindy, Ken and Rob (standing)

Clockwise from L: Jim, Diane, Ken, Chris, Me and Cindy


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