18 Days

Until I return to Riyadh.

I miss my husband already and I’m sure he feels the same. I’ve just gotten so used to him — his presence, his snoring when he sleeps, the occasional sleep-talking, my having to remind him to do every single little thing, convincing him to eat just a little bit more so he’d put some weight on his skinny frame, his baby smell, his feet that look so much prettier than mine.

We won’t be apart for long but 90 days seems like forever. If it weren’t for financial and familial reasons I wouldn’t even go. But we both know that this is the most practical thing to do; this way, I could earn money and finish what I need to do in Riyadh while I’m waiting for my green card to be approved. There won’t be any time wasted. But I know that I will spend every single day away wishing for time to go faster. Love and marriage sometimes requires sacrifice to succeed.

I really am not looking forward to the flight.

And I’m going to miss the pups.

I always joked that having a husband is like having an instant fully-grown baby. It’s amazing how Chris took to marriage like a duck to water and settled comfortably, letting me do what I need to do and trusting me completely as his partner. I still have to work on being a wife as the transition from single to married can be difficult especially since he and I spent all of our engaged years apart. I am worried about Chris while I am gone. I think his easy adjustment will also cause him to be lonelier while I am away.

Still, 90 days isn’t that long compared to the 20 months we previously endured apart. After this, I will never be away from my husband for long periods of time. My parents did it for years, hell, they’re still at it! But Mom and Dad are both special. Maybe I am a weaker person or I’m just too concerned for Chris.

Eighteen days. Add another 90 after that. And then I’ll be here with you for good.

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