Another post about my brother (who doesn’t know this blog exists)

I just remembered that my brother is finally graduating from college next month. NEXT. MONTH. Wow. I feel a little weird because I still think of Jiko as the little boy who loved his Ate so much that he would sleep by my feet whenever I return from college to Saudi Arabia on holidays.

Now he’s the typical 21 year old — an age where we think we know everything, everyone else is not as smart as we are, and we feel that everything is going to be okay. This is when the fact that money has to be earned has not hit hard yet. Frustrating months of job-hunting and the realization that our allowance was higher than salaries for new graduates will follow and we find our savings dwindling to the last peso. And then we find a job. And this is when we are faced with the evil B word: BILLS. Phone bills, credit card bills, electric bills, etc. And add the transportation to your work that costs a lot more than you think. And there should be a gimik fund for when you couldn’t say no to drinking and eating out with colleagues and friends.

People think that just because Filipino families openly expect and accept that their children would live in the family home even after college means that the spawn can live for free. That’s a myth. For one, the child is expected to shoulder some of the financial responsibility. One pays for the part of the groceries, electricity and other miscellaneous stuff that suddenly crop up out of nowhere.

I can’t wait until my brother faces all of above. (And more.) Muahaha!

But since he’s still safely cocooned in the last days of his childhood, I promised to buy a graduation present from both me and my husband. It won’t be a big gift — I’ve given him plenty of those — just something to mark the transition between school and work. I found a basic but nice point-and-shoot digital camera, a Kodak Easyshare  C1530. And then Chris and my mom both voiced the same concern, “Kodak just filed for bankruptcy. Maybe the camera sucks.” I defended my choice and even pointed out the good reviews from users and various sites.

But when we casually asked (in a not so subtle way) if he would like to own a digicam, he said he wasn’t interested. He’d much rather have a copy of the last book of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. My mom laughed and I quickly canceled the order before my Paypal was charged.

I decided that it would be better to give him a Kindle 4 so he can read all the books he wants. I already have a large ebook collection that he can use and it includes the Inheritance Cycle. I was given a Kindle 3 by my husband, then fiance, a year ago and it’s the best thing an avid reader can own. It’s so tiny, light and I take it with me everywhere. Picking up where I last left off is really easy since the Kindle remembers every book and every page I’ve read.

I’m a bit envious since the new one is even smaller and lighter than my K3. Check out the K4 and other available models here. The Kindle Fire is so tempting but I already have my K3 and an HP Touchpad. Considering that Chris has a souped-up desktop and I have my VAIO laptop plus the aforementioned reader and tablet, there is more than enough technology in the house between the both of us to satisfy an average techie.


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