In a nutshell

So, Steffi… what happened? It’s been a busy two months.

I flew 6,600 air miles to be with my fiance, Chris.

Who is no longer a fiance.

He’s now a husband who played fantasy football after the wedding (and thinks his wife is a smartass).

I met up with Danielle who is the best maid of honor known to man. She organized the lovely reception where I got to meet most of Chris’ family and a few of our closest gaming friends.

Oh, and we nearly burned the Holiday Inn down. (Just kidding… only Chris did it!)

We went to Atlantic City.

…and Florida, where we met Mickey and Minnie.

And I finally helped my husband gain some of his weight and appetite back. He loves the food. More importantly, I got him to wear skinny jeans, white sneakers and I’m almost done house-training him. Hehe.

Now we’re starting our little family of two persons and three chihuahuas. Which will hopefully be a family of two adults, two children and (of course) the three chihuahuas.

Here’s our first investment as a couple: Chris’ precious Keurig brewer. *facepalms*

And, last but not the least, I bought the creepy Baby Alive Wets and Wiggles for my little sister who got pissed off because she has been nagging me to buy it for almost two years but “Kuya Chris” and I got the Keurig brewer the day after he asked.

Here’s a (shamelessly belated) Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Wondermous New Year to all!


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