Things to do before November 14

  • Make a list of necessities to pack. Limit things to 23 kg (check-in luggage), 7 kg (hand carry), 20 kg (air cargo).
    • Basic meds and hygiene stuff, documents, jacket & a few clothes, electronics (hand carry)
    • Medication, toiletries (luggage)
    • Clothes (luggage)
    • Light stuff I bought  (luggage)
    • Chris’ cane (luggage)
    • Heavy stuff I bought (air cargo)
    • Accessories (air cargo)
    • Shoes, bags (air cargo)
    • Cookbook (air cargo)
  • Process exit/re-entry visa
  • Have DHL pick-up my stuff
  • Go to social club and figure out some stuff
  • Finish doing my laundry and clean my room
  • Separate clothes and shoes to throw or give away
  • Pack and seal my office stuff
  • Do everything I’m supposed to do at work:
    • Yearly report
    • Pending memos
    • 6 meeting reports
    • CME stuff
    • Other stuff I don’t remember right now
  • Carry a towel

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