Personal Legend

It started with tattoos.

C told me about his family’s fascination with tattoos. He then asked me what kind of tattoo I wanted and I replied that it would be a quote: “I’m an adventurer, looking for treasure.”

And, no, that’s not a mantra for gold-diggers. When C asked me what it meant for me, I launched into a ten-minute explanation about Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, Santiago’s yearning for travel, his conversation with Melchizedek, his recognition of his own personal legend and his risk in following it, his search for the pyramids of Egypt, his loss in the marketplace of a strange city, and his determination to not be a victim and be an “adventurer” instead. I wanted to express my desire to always see difficult things as challenges and not tragedies, that I still dream of going for my personal legend, that I believe in the universe conspiring to give you what you desire if you truly wish it with all your heart, and (last but not the least) my respect for the only book of Coelho’s that I love.

And after that heartfelt explanation, he told me that I talked about it for too long and I could have said it simply in one statement. After all, if people ask me about it I wouldn’t give them the same lecture.

My reaction: 😕

Of course I wouldn’t give them the same explanation, FFS! Not everyone in the world is my fiance. Geez. Remind me to not bother explaining something important to me in the future so I wouldn’t waste my time.

Coincidentally, The Alchemist is the same book I’ve been haranguing him to read for the last two years.


Then I turned over and fell asleep.


2 thoughts on “Personal Legend

    • It in itself is not a serious entry. But it reminded me of a similar situation where he was just as unreasonably stubborn (smoking), which is a very serious topic. *sigh*

      But it made me read The Alchemist again. I miss Santiago. 😀

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