Let me start this post by saying that I am completely, hopelessly in love with my BlackBerry. I initially wanted the new Bold 9900 which, though it was designed in the traditional BlackBerry style, had a touchscreen. While I don’t like pure touchscreen phones (e.g. iPhone, etc.) because it makes typing difficult, the combination of of a QWERTY keypad and efficient touchscreen sounds so conveniently attractive. The Torch models have both but the design looks bulky and has a smaller keypad. However, the 9900’s high price tag makes it a big no-no. I’ve been very Scrooge-ish of late and spending too much on myself might require a week of bed rest. (I’m the reverse when it comes to family.) So I ended up getting the Bold 9780, something that is also attractive, looks professional, does what it needs to do wonderfully, and costs 40% less.

Isn’t it pretty? I spent one full day familiarizing myself with it, getting used to the keypad by chatting with a lot of people through BBM, customizing its features, adding useful applications, and downloading different themes until I settled on one that is both functional and cute.

On a less happy note, 90% of my dreams have been bothersome of late. Death is a recurring theme: I dreamed of family members and friends dying, causing extreme depression that stays with me for a while  after I wake. Sometimes it’s supernatural and horrible. Last night’s seemed like a completely ordinary dream with normal people and normal events taking place. Then, when I had my back turned to get a salad, someone asked me something. In my dream, the person behind me was a regular happy human but when I heard the voice, it sounded different, cold, and scary — like it was someone dead. It was enough to shock me awake and I spent the next half hour huddling under my blanket. The question? “May I talk to you?”

This afternoon’s dream was one of those conventional ones that started quite ordinarily. I was a different person in a different world. I was in an office and was asked to book an appointment with the CEO. When the time came, my boss did not show up  and I was alone in the CEO’s office without knowing what the whole meeting was about. I stood there in horrified silence until I woke up sweating. (Take note that they were different people and are not connected to my current boss(es) or company.)

Maybe it’s the junk food? I ate a quarter pounder burger for lunch. And last night before bed I ate a small piece of bread that had fake ube filling, which probably qualifies it as junk. But what about the others? I rarely eat junk.

Maybe it’s God’s way of saying that I should stick to organic food? Maybe my subconscious is experiencing mental trauma after I cleaned my room for the first time in eons? Maybe I need to return to the gym and beat the living hell off a treadmill until I sweat the demons out? Maybe I’m stressed from work? Nope. Maybe I’m going through a personal crisis? Umm, no. Maybe I’m stuck in a rut? Not at all, things have been great lately.

Who knows? And I’m still having calamares for dinner.

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