I need a quick snack at work whenever I feel hungry between meals. Sometimes, these little dishes serve as two snacks which would equal one lunch meal — very handy when I don’t have time to go to the cafeteria. A few months ago, I was addicted to muesli and banana. After the two sacks of muesli disappeared, I ate granola and various cereals without milk instead. And then I converted to fruit yogurt. This time, it’s back to muesli but with breakfast cream and honey.

While I don’t count calories or stick to certain food groups alone (Salad everyday? No thanks!) I found portion-control so much more effective. I never get hungry and I still eat what I want all the time. However, I’m a bit curious about the caloric differences between my favorite snacks. So here’s a detailed breakdown:

So, calorie-wise, shredded wheat wins and muesli + banana has the highest calories. Luckily for me, I don’t care about calories and just focus on the nutritional value.

This is what I always tell Chris. He has a problem with gaining weight (grrr… I’m jealous of his metabolism) and he tells me that he has been stuffing himself with fattening stuff: soda, pizza, chips and everything he could lay his hands on. I reminded him that junk with empty calories is not the answer. It’s the food’s nutrition and health advantages that count.


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