Auntie Janey: I will hunt you down and bitch-slap you

Jessica Zafra is nice enough to let Auntie Janey use her blog for his old-fashioned agony column. The crotchety “Janey” is a mysterious male who gives wise advice to the suffering masses. Forget Dear Abby and other mass-produced sympathetic ears.  Auntie Janey and his conservative bun rocks!

This particular post is about a woman who has endured all kinds of abuse and insults from her poor excuse for a boyfriend’s family. She has debased herself by apologizing and sticking with him. WTF!? I was raised properly, too, but if I don’t give those asshats a roundhouse kick if they dare enter my house then my parents would disown me rather than admit that they have spawned a wimp.

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