The thing about having blogs, especially ones that span years like mine, is that we tend to record everything in startling multicolored words that would stay in cyberspace forever. At the time of writing, we may think we’re being witty/cute/sentimental/good. Years later, we return to our old posts and cringe with embarrassment.

I read a few old posts from four to six years ago.

Have I really been this stupid, idealistic, annoying and clueless? Have I really made all these horrible, mind-numbing mistakes in my life? GHAD. The sensible inner me says that I would not be the person I am now if I didn’t go through all of that. That we would never appreciate the Renaissance without the horror of the Dark Ages. Although a little part of me wishes that there is an easier shortcut.

Of course, I have not reached that venerable state of wisdom that is my life goal. Ten years from now I will be embarrassed of my 27-year-old self and will deny all claims of relation if anybody asks. Learning takes a lifetime.


5 thoughts on “Disgust

  1. “Life is a lesson, you learn it when your through…” ~ Fred Durst

    That’s normal hun. That is like saying you aren’t going to do the crazy stuff you did when you were younger. I don’t know how I made it this far with the crazy stuff I did way back when.

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