Ask the Magic 8 Ball

I am incredibly, utterly confused. More so now because I’m not just thinking of myself but I have to consider Chris as well. And our future, our finances, our health, and our dogs.

We are faced with two different options. Both have their benefits and both require sacrifice. The two of us need to evaluate which one is worth it. Once we make that decision, we can’t look back. We have reached the figurative fork in the road and, for the first time in years, we feel hesitant. We have stressed over it for a couple of days, I have asked myself a thousand times, listed all the pros and cons in my head, and I’ve been praying for guidance. This morning, my silliness took over and I found myself asking not just one but THREE magic eight balls. And the answers were:

First 8-ball: Absolutely!

Second 8-ball: Yes, definitely!

Third 8-ball: Hmmm… it is decidedly so.

So say the three wise balls.

Ultimately, whatever the digital 8-ball oracles say, the decision would have to be made by us.


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