HP TouchPad 32GB

Let me tell you a secret: I don’t like the iPad, iPod or the iPhone. Touchscreen phones and I don’t blend well. I find the OS difficult to navigate and the iPod’s syncing is annoying. I want simple drag and drop.

I’d rather have a Blackberry for a phone because of its lovely qwerty keypad with real buttons! I’m definitely switching to a BB when I change phones. I want the Blackberry Bold but I’ll happily settle for a Curve with 3G as it will be able to do all that I need. I don’t play games or use apps aside from the basic ones like Facebook, Gmail and GPS. Maybe I should get my Mom a Blackberry as her second phone so she and I can BBM as often as we want. Hmmm.

As for the tablet, I would like to have one but I’m not willing to spend $600 for an iPad2 32GB. I can afford it but I’m a Scrooge and would prefer saving the money for a house deposit or car loan payments. The tiny and light Kindle ebook reader I got from Chris could entertain me well enough. And then he found out that the HP TouchPad 32GB was selling for $150 from its original price of $500! Though that’s the official price, stores were sold out and people were selling them at jacked up prices. We eventually found one that had 4 items left so I decided to buy it for $300. Double the real price but it’s still cheaper than equal or even inferior alternatives on the market. It’s my wedding present for myself. (I need to shop for something. I haven’t bought anything for myself lately. Aside from my half of the immigration and lawyer fees, I’ve been a tightfisted biatch, haha.)

He told me that because it’s being discontinued by the company, I can never upgrade it and it wouldn’t have warranty. I assured him that I have never used any of my gadgets’ warranties and I don’t upgrade stuff, I just buy new ones.

It’s not as sleek as the iPad but it’s pretty enough. I can’t wait! 😀 Chris and I will share it, of course, since I won’t use it all the time. (Why do I have the feeling that I literally won’t be using it all the time? ;))

*Photo from solariasun.com

10 thoughts on “HP TouchPad 32GB

  1. we’re alike, i don’t have a good relationship with my ipad or any of my apple gadgets!! lol.. it’s like kaiser’s giving them to me for his own utilization :))

    i cannot even sync! how stupid is that?!!!! whenever my ipad shuts down, i have to wait for kaiser to open it.. kasi jailbroken so he has to do some clickings sa laptop na 100000 times nang tinuro sakin pero wa-epek!

    mas maganda tlg ung mga userfriendly gadgets… then apple wala pang flashplayer, i want naman the playbook, sabi nila 3g is coming soon, but i doubt… since i like that… ako naman magreregalo nun kay kaiser 😀

    this touchpad is a good deal steff… and 32gb naman is good 😀
    can’t wait to see u sharing it with chris 😀 i am excited for you!

    • Thanks, Jan! A lot of people are shocked when I say that I don’t like Apple gadgets. Sure, I understand that Apple concentrates on simplicity and Apple-addicts bash PCs and other non-Apple gadgets. But there are just people like us who dislike the snobby superiority of iPad/Pod/Phone over other alternatives because we find those other gadgets easier to use! 😀 Since I gave away my iPod, I’m planning to get a Sony mp3 player.

      Funny naman si Kaiser. You’re right, just buy him what you want so you can use it, hahaha!

      I got lucky with the HP TouchPad. 😀 I think it’s really Chris who’s happy about it since I don’t see myself using it a lot.

      • oo nga, naka torch rin si kaiser so it’ll be fun…

        marami rin tayong common things, of course, we both comment na mala-blog sa haba, not to mention our 1000 words per second na pagsasalita with super emphasis and emotion…

        I told papi about HP and natuwa sya, good deal nga raw tlg… kc in fairness, mas maganda ang kahit anong drag and drop — that’s y the sony mp3 player is AWESOME!!! 🙂 shocks i am so biased! kasi naman ang hirap magsync.. click click pa nawawala tuloy lahat, good thing puro Hillsongs lang songs ko sa ipod (yaaaabang!)

        I am gonna miss u, who else do I talk about these things when u get busier in the States!?!?!!!

        I wonder about the magic 8 ball! Whatever it is, I think dun ako sa 8-ball…
        I can’t remember, meron ba tayong anecdote about the 8-ball?? or the no 8? I cannot remember, parang merong story about #8 na i cannot recall na… oh well… naguulyanin na tlg ako steff!

        • I love Hillsongs! We use their version for our praising.

          Jan, may offer ako to stay. Promotion to Grade 9 plus 2 steps in top of that. Papapuntahin nila ako sa US to sort stuff out–wedding, green card, SSS, license, etc.–tapos hihintayin nila pagbalik ko. I am considering it only if these two conditions are met: (1) It will not compromise my status as a green card holder, and (2) I can change to family status and I will be able to get Chris as my dependent. Not visit visa, kailangan dependent.

          Medyo kailangan ng wasta and mega-negotiation ng second condition but it’s doable if I’m lucky. Kulit ng boss ko. Haha. I figured na it’s good financially kahit 2-3 years so we can save even more kasi mas matipid tumira dito.

          • Hmmm… Grade 9 is a good (wonderful) offer + all the perks + all your beautiful friends (LOL). Pero — may pero… if I have a chance to move forward, out of KSA, I will, and you’ve got that chance na, with your husband pa, then eventually, the family can tag along… If you’re considering the financial aspect, I’d say it’ll be stable to stay here “but” Steff — stable lang —, you’re not someone naman who would not have something better in store wherever you go…and you wouldn’t know that if you won’t grab the chance while you’re younger and have less responsibilities. That is kung ako yun.. but then, anywhere you decide to go, I would be happy for you… (and now, I don’t know na what that 8ball said) hehehehe!!

            … and you will still be here!!!! >> this weighs a lot 😀

            • I know. I actually have my mind set on living there na. But the financial situation is serious. We might be able to get married 3 weeks after I get there. After a minimum of 60 days, saka ko pa lang makukuha and green card. By that time my savings will be almost depleted. And yun pa lang ako makakahanap ng work. And who knows when I would be able to work. I’m sure I will find a good job, it’s just that the timing is critical. Jan, I have to think of the future. I don’t want to be bankrupt within 6 months of my arrival. Additional savings for 2-3 years will be such a huge help to our stability and, if it all works out, Chris and I will have free healthcare. The last part is a big deal because we’re both sick.

              And having an executive asst title would be better for my CV. It would be easier to get a job and my salary there would certainly be higher than if I start now. It will mean a difference of 10-15k dollars a year. When we leave (if I decide to stay for 2 years) I will only be 30 years old. Still young. 🙂

              Of course, only if the conditions are met, hehe.

            • Also, no problem about my immigration. If everything will work out the way I think it will, I will still be a green card holder. I can come back anytime. And my family can come on a visit visa. Once my naturalization is approved, it will be easier for me to change my mom’s/dad’s status.
              At talagang plinano ang buhay, hahha.

  2. Oh Steffi, I figured that I would get the touchstone charger. It charges the touchpad using electromagnetism. Meaning no cords whatsoever. grabbed it for 50 bucks including shipping. Figured since this is more for u then for me as a wedding gift I had to get you the charger. Love ya!

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