I just bought my brother Jiko (aka Fuluwee) a new 1 terabyte Western Digital external hard drive and a hard case to protect it. It’s an advance Christmas present and my dad will bring it over to the Philippines when he visits this December. Yes it’s early but I want to buy gifts bit by bit so I wouldn’t have to splurge in one go.

It’s not super expensive but I know that he’ll like it since he wanted one for ages. And I purposely didn’t get him anything until my mom told me that he’s working harder to get good grades in school. My parents are quite good when it comes to teaching us that we have to work for what we want. I also know that he won’t find out because he never reads this blog, haha!

The hard drive is pretty good. It’s more compact than other models, has a 2-year warranty, and has pretty good reviews. I noticed that Amazon offers a discount but I can’t order anything online so I have to pay full price. *woe* And international shipping will just even out the costs. Being 27 and having no credit card out of sheer laziness to get one is funny. I figured that if I can’t afford to buy things in cash then I don’t need to buy them. It took me YEARS to be financially disciplined.

Jiko is in his last year in college and I’m sure my parents will be extremely happy when he graduates in March next year. I’m happy for him because I know that he will be starting a new chapter in his life and that he will find it difficult but also rewarding as soon as he figures out what he needs to do.

Now I just need to think about presents for the rest of the family. 🙂


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