I lost weight. YAY! And I’m not talking about a measly 1-2 kg but 5 kilos (11 lb)!!! And when you’re in your late twenties that’s not easy. It was difficult in the beginning. Even though I was working out regularly, it’s as if the weight didn’t want to let go. I guessed that it was because I didn’t change my eating habits. When I (really and truly) applied portion-control during the last 3-4 weeks, it was practically effortless. Giada De Laurentiis was right: just eat tiny meals 5-6 times a day. I still eat whatever I want and I don’t have to eat rabbit food and be miserable. I’m going to continue this and I know I’ll go down to my ideal weight soon enough without having to do one of those useless fad diets that ruin your metabolism. Just a few more to go!

I currently have a bet with Fatma. We both need to lose 2 kilos in 2 weeks and I know that she’s going to drag me to one of B-2’s huge digital scales this Sunday. Ack! I better stay off the bad stuff.


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