Counter/Dining Table

Most of the time, counter tables double as breakfast nooks. This way, the cook can have extra prep space and everyone else has a place to relax in the kitchen instead of staying in a stuffy dining room. Apartment Therapy is an inspiration when it comes to interior design and furnishing your home. For someone who has lived in apartments all her life, I can relate with having to make do with small spaces and figuring out how things can possibly fit in. Small spaces also means sticking to a minimalist style — having as little furniture as possible and stricty no fluff (i.e. unnecessary decorations that will attract dust, except books of course) to make cleaning easy.

So, for a tiny kitchen that has limited built-in counter space, what about a table that doubles as a kitchen island/counter table and a dining table? If there are just 2-3 of you in the house, then why use a huge dining table with 6 chairs that just hogs space? I know I need extra surfaces for cooking and baking. And I’ve always wanted to have a low bar of sorts.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with having exactly that kind of table. With counter stools and benches that slide underneath when one isn’t eating so unused seats won’t waste floor space. Something that looks like this set from The Furniture Cove:

What do you think?

Of coure, this is temporary. I do intend to eventually move into a bigger house for the (future) kids and then I can park this in the kitchen and use a separate dining table. A new house means scrimping and saving for the next 3-4 years. Sigh. Wish me luck.


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