Almost There

I had such a harrowing, stressful day yesterday. My US Embassy interview was scheduled at 9:30 am. I had to stand under the hot Riyadh sun for 20 minutes, waited for another 25 minutes, was interviewed for 30 minutes, waited for 15-20 minutes, was interviewed again for another half-hour, and was made to wait again for 15 minutes. I clutched my bag that contained two binders filled with documents and “proofs of relationship.” I had two photo albums, a haf-inch thick of emails, another half-inch of skype call transcripts, plane tickets, birthday and holiday cards, DHL receipts, mail package receipts, etc. Yes, it was overkill. But better that than be sorry.

I have been stressed for a while and, on the day itself, I turned into a walking, breathing, nervous wreck. My forehead was stiff and my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. I realized that the answers I give would mean the approval or denial of my application; the realization of our planned wedding or another long period of waiting. After the interrogation, I was finally told –

that I was missing one important document! It was something that should have been sent to me months ago and I was really upset when I left the embassy with a scary note. As soon as I receive it, I was instructed to send the document via FedEx along with my passport and was told that I didn’t have to return to the embassy. I didn’t know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing and I developed a pounding headache afterwards. I tried to work for the remainder of the day but I couldn’t continue so I just headed home and ate ice cream for the first time in six months.

This morning, I asked Atty. Elwell what the note meant. He assured me that my petition was approved and that all they’re waiting for is the missing document, which I will have as soon as Chris sends it to me via express courier. I finally breathed a sigh of relief after reading his email.

At least something good happened from all the worrying: I lost 5 kilos! I feel like throwing a party. Hee-hee.


3 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. Hello there!my name is shella and i was just browsing the net to see some blogs regarding the visa and stuff!same thing happened to me too…a note that i missed to send them a document and i already sent them via 2GO but up to now, its been 12 days since i sent it and i still dont have any feedbacks about it. I dont know if i should call them already and ask about the status or just wait until 2 weeks…im really frustrated. How long did you wait until you finally receive your visa?thank you.

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