Steffi x Jamie x Miki

I just saw Julie & Julia last weekend. Since I have always wanted to learn how to cook, I was inspired by the movie. I remember someone saying that cooking is not really a talent, it’s a skill. The degree of motivation, however, is different for everyone. I decided to embark on a similar project: make every single dish from not just one cookbook but two, and give myself a deadline of one year. Instead of French cooking, I’m choosing two cookbooks that are closer to home for both me and Chris.

1. Jamie’s Italy by Jamie Oliver

I’ve always loved Italian food and I’m not talking about Pizza Hut pizza and pasta. I can’t exactly blow all my savings, go to Italy, and learn all the locals’ favorites. So I’m going to learn from someone who already did it and is way better with communicating all those recipes to kitchen-idiots like me.

2. The Filipino Cookbook by Miki Garcia

This was given to me by Tricia as a Christmas gift just before I left the Philippines last year. She told me that it might help sooth the homesickness. The book is filled with incredible photos that make the food look oh-so-yummy. And since I’m an embarrassment to my country as I know next to nothing when it comes to Filipino cooking, I figured that this is a good way to start.

Of course, whenever I need extra help, Mom–the best Filipino cook ever, IMO–can always be contacted via Skype.

Just like Julie Powell, I’m giving myself one year and I will start this October. All my efforts will be posted on The Virgin Stove. Wish me luck!


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