Niggling Pain

I developed back pain around three to four weeks ago. It started as an inconvenient cramp then grew to a small knot of pain. It doesn’t hurt that much but it doesn’t go away either. After three weeks,  I could no longer work without thinking of The Back. I figured that it’s probably due to years of sitting with a bad posture; when you’re busy in front of a computer, your shoulders slump and your back bends without you noticing. I tried walking like a rod for two weeks or so to no avail. Finally, out of desperation, I asked Jovett if she could help me book a session with her regular masseuse, who I heard is supposed to be very good.

The massage was magic. All the stress and tension melted away. It lasted for more than an hour and I didn’t want to get up. It felt good to just lay there and be pampered.  Nada, the masseuse, warned me that my muscles would hurt like hell the next day and reminded me that one session would not get rid of the back pain.

She was right. After a few days, the pain returned but it was so much better than what it used to be. To help matters before my next session, I got rid of my big, awkward, office chair and switched to a more compact, cheaper, older model that was more back friendly. Because the chair is lower, I spent half a day moving all my stuff, computer and associated cables to a smaller desk where I can work all day without any risk of damaging my back.

All because of The Back, my desk was cleaned and organized after two long years of suffering underneath a perpetual mess of files, paperwork, post-its, binders, knick knacks, wrappers, coffee cups and dusty paperclips.

It still hurts but I refuse to take painkillers. People have suffered through worse and I am not the type to take medication for a stupid back problem. I have always remained calm in the face of medical tragedies like the bout of H1N1 a year ago. (Except for the time I had a breast cyst scare, panicked and the doctor told me that it was just a zit. Not even a full-blown zit, just a glorified whitehead. ROFL)


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