Karl Urban Appreciation Day

If you don’t remember the name, then I’m sure you at least know him as Eomer in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. (You know, Eowin’s brother and Theodren’s nephew. The one who charged and defeated the Orcs in Helm’s Deep along with Gandalf. The one who made the hair-raising speech at Pelennor Fields that would inspire you to decapitate a million Uruk-hais.)

This is Karl Urban as Eomer:

This Karl Urban as Karl Urban:

Karl, please do us all a favor and grow a beard, grow out your hair and dye it dirty blond. Don’t comb it for three days. And never ever consider getting a nose job; those flaring nostrils deserve their own fan club.

And since this is Karl urban Appreciation Day, read Jessica Zafra’s review of the film Priest along with the controversial Reproductive Health bill.


3 thoughts on “Karl Urban Appreciation Day

  1. It would be great if people who claim they are fans could actually spell the names of Lord of the Rings characters correctly. It is Eowyn, not Eowin, and Theoden, not Theodren. Please do your research before you post something

    • Time of the month, bitch? 🙂

      I don’t know if you noticed, but this is my personal blog. Not a news website or wikipedia. I would have gladly accepted the correction and revised my mistake but, seriously, lose the attitude.

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