Sierra gave birth a beautiful white chihuahua puppy with a bandit’s mask and a lone black spot on his butt. Sadly, it was a bittersweet birth because his sister was stillborn. The little puppy was a blue (i.e. she has light gray fur with a bluish cast) which is the rarest chihuahua.

Chris said that it’s my turn to name the puppy since I would be keeping him. I proposed naming him something that my sister would have thought of: Sebastian Iñigo Alejandro Fermazi-Galletta*. And we’ll call him Basti for short. Hehe.

He looks like a sorry little mite right now but that’s how a newborn chi looks like. In a few weeks, he’ll be really, really lovable and cute. Hopefully, he will be just as well-behaved as Spike and Sierra are someday. We agreed to have the two parents fixed since it’s too risky for Sierra to be preggers again.

Mom and puppy are doing well. 🙂

Speaking of Spike, he was all sorts of cute yesterday. Chris finally gave him much-needed attention now that Sierra is busy mothering the pup. Spike didn’t dare approach or even look at Sierra for fear that she might rip him apart. So he just calmly sat on Chris’ lap doing all the adorable tricks that he has in his arsenal. I swear… that dog is a master of cute.


* My sister, Sofia, named her Pet Society pet “Alyssa Bettina Sarmiento Fermazi” and my mother’s pet “Mimi Cristina Fermazi.”

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