Sierra’s going to have puppies! …Again

Two months ago, Chris was really upset because he wasn’t able to separate Sierra and Spike on time before the latter was in heat. I suppose she’s irregular, too, like me. Haha. So, after 8 weeks of waddling and losing her wastline, Sierra has gone into labor.

Since last night, Chris has had her separated. She keeps on peeking out of the box and squeaking every time she hears my voice. How cute! Sierra is Chris’ smallest chi. I feel bad when I saw her that she was pregnant again because I feel anxious. Chihuahuas can have difficult labors because they’re sooo tiny. However, Sierra was so brave the last time; she popped out her puppies without a peep.

Her tummy looks bigger now than last time. I hope she’ll get through this safely. (Chris is a nervous wreck. She’s his favorite.)


8 thoughts on “Sierra’s going to have puppies! …Again

  1. Yes Sierra is but no puppies yet. Right now she is being herself. Maybe it was a false alarm, but her temp did drop and she was panting in the cooled house yesterday. Both are signs of giving birth for dogs. So, right now its a wait and see and yes I am nervous. She is bigger then the last time.

  2. No puppies yet so false alarm. Vet told me it happens with dogs sometimes like it does with ppl. Puppy watch is on again.

  3. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Its day 64. After tomorrow I will have to see the vet if no puppies at that point. It sure does seem like more then 3 puppies this time.

  4. This morning Sierra gave birth to 2 puppies. The first one was a gray/black female but, was still born. 😦 The second is a white with black spots and patches for eyes male and he is doing well. Today was a bittersweet day. Sierra have a tougher go giving birth this time. Not unusual for any small dog especially the smallest of them all the chihuahua. Mom and pup are resting and doing well.

  5. New pup’s name is by Steffi is…drum roll pls, Sebastian Inigo Alejandro Fermazi-Galletta . Works for Steffi it works for me. Keep in mind that the first 2-3 weeks are critical in this young pup’s life. He is right now blind and deaf which believe it or not all dogs are born premature. Look it up. Going further, he is doing quite well considering that and knows to nurse and knows when he is safe. Already a great dog, to which after a few weeks, I can feel safe. He is adorable and showing signs of a laid back personality. I hope that stays. Love the name Steffi.

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