Ipanema hoarder

During my last visit to Shoe Arena with Mom, we had to choose Ipanema flip flops for some of my relatives. While searching for an age-appropriate design for my grandmother, Mom picked a sandal from the rack. “Buy this one,” she said. It was brown with gold straps and a textured gold flower on top. It was subtle and lovely and, influenced by my Ipanema-addiction, I tried it on as well. The gold suits my skin color perfectly. And the flower is a unique touch. I knew instantly that I wanted one exactly like it.

I know… I know. I promised not to buy another one. After all, most of my Ipanema flip flops are still in their boxes, stacked beside my books for future use. I’m just currently using two pairs since I can’t wear them at work. But I rarely spend on anything and I love hoarding this particular brand of Brazilian sandals. Besides, my grandmother and I live in different countries so I doubt that we’ll show up somewhere wearing the same pair.

My grandfather has a matching pair. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Their models for men have certainly improved since the last time I bought some. Jiko wasn’t bothered by his slippers, he said he prefers plain black anyway.

Speaking of Ipanema, I’m not too fond of Gisele Bundchen’s latest Hot Sands line. The Gisele models are usually the prettiest and while these are certainly gorgeous, they look like sand and dirt would easily get lodged into those grooves.

I prefer her Butterflies (Borboletas) line. I already have the red admiral. I’m thinking of getting the gold version but, to stick to my purchase philosophy, I will wait for two weeks and see if I still want it.


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