The Banco de Oro Nightmare Continues

Read the part about their annoying service, customer care and online banking application brouha here.

After around two weeks of waiting for my online banking application to be processed as promised, I decided to just close my BDO account and get it over with.One just has to know when to quit and, honestly, I’ve given BDO a bajillion chances already. I tried the first option: withdrawing all the money using the ATM card. However, I couldn’t remember the last two numbers of my PIN as the last time I used this card was last December ’10. Stupidly, I tried 3x and the card was blocked.

I thought: No problem. I can just change the PIN, replace the card, or withdraw the cash through the same desk where I opened my account, right? So I called the center here in Riyadh and I was told that not only can I not change the PIN number, I also cannot withdraw my money through them. I have to go to the Philippines to do all the options mentioned above. This is from the same center where I opened my account and periodically deposited money.

How can they f*cking tell an OFW to just hop on the next plane over to do simply take my money back?! Do they think we pick $$$ from trees, buy plane tickets and book our leaves from work just to bend to their rigid rules. As I said before, BDO has absolutely NOTHING to offer Filipinos who live and work abroad as they cannot comprehend the meaning of I cannot go to the Philippines any time within the next three to five years. So I asked, “What can you do for me or what can I do to at least replace the card from here?” Their answer: None. I have to go to the Philippines.

Basically, I cannot have access to my own savings. What do they want to do with my money? Eat it? Opening a BDO account was the worst decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. I’ve made a few dozen lame ones but this tops everything.

I wrote and signed a letter giving my mother full authorization to process everything for me related to my bank account. I included my passbook, cash card, authorized copies of my passport, my resident card, stamped employment certificate, and even my company ID card just to prove that I am the one who has written the letter. Plus my full contact details including my business and home addresses and phone numbers.  She will be flying home to the Philippines tonight and I’ve asked her to close my account or re-PIN my ATM for me so she can withdraw all my money and transfer it to my Saudi bank account.

If this doesn’t work, I will be forced to fly the Philippines prior to my trip to the US just to resolve this bu11sh1t. I will spend more money on an extra plane ticket that I can’t afford to waste as I’ve been trying to save, and delay my wedding just because they have no pathways for an OFW to process simple banking matters.

Save yourself the headache and open an account in some other bank. I’m sure anything is better than BDO. As for you guys at Banco de Oro, your slogan is so not true. You never find ways.


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