Bag Inc.

I have two problems. First, I really want the Mulberry Alexa.

Authentic Mulberry Alexa in Chocolate Soft Buffalo - $1,523

But this beauty is expensive. Here comes the second problem: I’m a practical Scrooge. I’m thinking “$1,500 for a bag!!! No way!” one moment and  “But it’s so iconically beautiful!” the next. After 10 minutes, the practical side is slowly winning, with difficulty. These are the moments when I am thankful that I don’t have a credit card because I would’ve whipped it out and impulsively spent more money than I should on a bag.

You see, while I don’t think $1,500 is too expensive for a lovely, well-made, luxury bag, I also think that before you spend money like this, then you should have cash flowing in abundance. I earn just enough (but I’m a good saver). Surely, there must be a way to combine my desire to have this bag and my need to not spend that much money.

Thankfully, there are “alternatives”. 😀 My favorites are the So Soho Leather Large Satchel and the So Soho Reissue Leather Satchel. While other Alexa knock-offs are made of leatherette (ew!), which would peel and disintegrate before the year ends, these are made of real, quality leather (the first one has softer leather than the other). I can live with that and they cost so much less than the Mulberry.

So Soho Leather Large Satchel in Camel (Available in black and cream) - $66

So Soho Reissue Leather Satchel in Khaki (Available in brown & black) - $69

They look a lot like the Alexa but have enough altered details so as not to be confused with the Alexa. The Bag Inc. website made me curious so I browsed around. I found a few more of these leather beauties.

Authentic Hermes Birkins cost at least $8,000 well into the $50,000 bracket depending on the rarity and materials used. While I agree that the bag makes a girl’s toes curl, I also applaud the marketing ploy used by Hermes to make the exorbitant price seem logical. You can catch a blue-blooded croc and make a bag out of her skin but I still wouldn’t pay $50,000 for it unless I’m married to a Shiekh who has already bought me my own island. Bag Inc. has two models that I like, the Jane Bag and the Essential Jane Bag; both are pictured below.

Jane Bag Leather in Plum (Available in brown, tan and black) - $69

Essential Jane Bag Leather in Orange (Available in pink, black and turquoise - $159

I’m not as fond of the Birkin compared to the Alexa. For one, I think it makes me look old so I’ll never use something like that often. But the Birkin (or the alternative above) can be a good laptop case for a Macbook, don’t you think?

There’s also this big, blue hobo bag that I really like because of its attractive, deep color. It could be inspired by Prada, Chloe, Hermes, or every single designer who made hobo bags like hotcakes. It’s a bit different from the designer versions I’ve seen so far so I won’t call it a copy but just a bag I like. Again, the price is not bad at all.

As Seen in Magazines Leather Hobo Blue (Available in chocolate, brown, black and khaki) - $63

I usually hate knock-offs. But I reserve my hatred for cheap knock-offs that just look bad OR good-quality knock-offs that are sold as the real thing. Though nothing can replace a genuine Mulberry, I’m not really a snooty bag snob and I can live with something that looks slightly like the bags I like, are pretty and won’t fall apart even when I use them for years.

I haven’t bought these because I’m not sure if I want them. There’s still that small voice in my head urging me to wait. (Wait until I can afford the Alexa?) What about you, would you go for the less expensive alternative or blow a month’s (or three) salary on an iconic designer bag?


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